3-pack 0-6M pacifiers dark oak night glow in the dark + peach + heather

3-pack 0-6M pacifiers dark oak night glow in the dark + peach + heather

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3-pack Bibs pacifiers, including one night pacifier (the one with a white ring that glows in the dark).

The very popular Bibs pacifier is also available as a night pacifier. Bibs Colour Night has the same qualities as the regular Bibs Colour but with its luminous ring both child and parent can easily find it if it gets lost in the dark.

Classic round pacifiers that imitate a mothers breast.

BIBS has been on the market for 40 years. The pacifiers are designed and made in Denmark.

Product Details:

Size 1: 0-6 months

Shape: Cherry shaped pacifier

Material: Nipple: 100% latex/natural rubber, shield: polypropylene (PP). 

The cherry-shaped (round) pacifier is more similar to the breast than any other type of dummy.

Shield: Round and extroverted

100 % BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free

Complies with the European Standard: EN 1400+A1


BIBS pacifiers should always be kept dry and protected from dirt, eg. in a closet or a pacifier box. Avoid placing the pacifier in direct sunlight and heat as this may weaken the natural latex. Also so not store the dummies in disinfectant/sterilizing liquid, which can act the pacifier’s durability.


Before each use, the BIBS pacifier should be sterilized shortly by pouring boiling water over it. Before using the pacifier for the first time, put it in boiling water for 5 minutes. Since it has a vented nipple, liquid will enter into the pacifier. When the pacifier has cooled, the water is pressed out of the nipple to ensure hygiene.

Don’t use microwave sterilizing or cleaning materials from among other things dishwashers as it destroys the natural rubber.

Bibs pacifiers are made with natural rubber and may expand with use.

These come loose in bags of 100s from the original manufacturer in Denmark. To be able to offer you endless combinations we pack the pacifiers on our own biodegradable packaging, so your dummies are protected. You should sterilise before use anyway, as per manufacturers recommendations.


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